Are You Using Social Media Effectively? 3 Ways Accountants Can Optimize Their Social Media Presence

Are You Using Social Media Effectively? 3 Ways Accountants Can Optimize Their Social Media Presence

In the following post, Lewis Daidone discusses how accountants can make social media platforms effective tools for working with clients and establishing thought leadership. Lewis Daidone is a Certified Public Accountant and a consultant to tech companies and financial services firms.

New graduates certainly aren’t unfamiliar with the broad spectrum of social media platforms, but many are nonetheless failing to use it to their professional advantage. If you’ve primarily used your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for posting pictures of food and flower crown selfies, you’re missing out on important business opportunities. Here are the first steps you must take to build an effective, strategic, and professional social media presence.

Specify your target audience.

It isn’t enough to simply make your Facebook page less juvenile; you have to have a content strategy that speaks to a particular segment within your industry, and you have to exploit the appropriate platform. Of course, it is essential to have a consistently active LinkedIn page, but you also want to use the same channels that your ideal clients do. If you target clients in the fashion industry, for example, photo-sharing sites like Instagram are more likely to have the kind of reach you’re looking for.

Develop content that establishes your subject matter expertise.

If you have well-thought out ideas and innovations, create content that showcases your enthusiasm and dedication to effective accounting practices. Is tax season coming? Post snippets of advice and moderate questions and discussions. If you have a knack for audio/visual technology, film video clips of yourself offering advice and tutorials for students or prospective clients. Make yourself accessible, engaging, and available.

Scrutinize those metrics and set benchmarks.

You’re probably no stranger to key performance indicators, so set some for your social media accomplishments. How many shares, likes, comments do different posts receive? How many should they receive? These metrics can help you develop your long-term strategy, and ensure you’re hitting your targets.

Accountants aren’t widely known for their social media savvy, but if you execute your outreach strategy with the same analytical acumen you use for accounting, eventually your efforts will pay professional dividends,


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