Four Tips For Working With Accounting Recruiters Effectively

Four Tips For Working With Accounting Recruiters Effectively

In the following article, Lewis Daidone offers advice for working with accounting recruiters successfully.

If you’ve ever been hunting for an accounting position, it’s highly likely that you’ve come in contact with executive recruiters. Perhaps one of them will help you get your dream job; perhaps one of them will unwittingly sabotage your chances of employment at a great firm. Here’s how you can make sure your recruiter works for – not against – you.

Do your homework.

Make sure you know who the recruiters are. Get their full names and research them on the search engine of your choice to make sure they’ve got the kind of reputation you’re comfortable with.

Moreover, you’ll want to work with a recruiter with experience/expertise in your target industry and field. Working with a person who understands the nuances of the world of accounting and finance will give you a significant advantage.

Don’t let any recruiter send out your resume without your permission.

If you’re desperate for a job, it might be tempting to allow multiple recruiters to flood potential employers with your resume. Do not do this.

While a recruiter might send your resume out to a particular company, there’s no guarantee that the company will want to pay that recruiter’s commission. If you apply on your own – even if you’re a perfect fit – that company might reject you simply because your resume is attached to a recruiter that they don’t want to pay.

Only meet in person if the recruiter has a specific position you want.

There aren’t enough hours in a day to go on fruitless interviews. While it’s true that a good recruiter won’t want to waste time on a candidate who isn’t serious, you shouldn’t waste your time on a recruiter who’s just fishing for good prospects without any real bait.

However, if there is a position that sparks your interest, put your best foot forward. Since the recruiter clearly wants to know how you’ll conduct yourself in an interview, make sure your relationship-building skills are on target. If you seem like a great catch, the recruiter will work that much harder on your behalf.

Stay professional and polite.

Even if you aren’t interested in the positions a recruiter is trying to fill, don’t simply brush them off. Reply politely and clearly indicate your willingness to interview for the right job – you want to leave the door open for future opportunities.

Certified Public Accountant Lewis Daidone offers his consulting services to technology companies and financial services firms. More management articles can be accessed keyterm.



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